• June 2017
    Easy's wins the Ivanti Professional Services award as a reference specialist for the Ivanti Service Manager solution (Heat) in Europe.

  • July 2017
    Heat 2017.1 becomes Ivanti Service Manager 2017.1

  • August 2017
    Easy's is now Ivanti ONE partner.

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EASY'S | Project

Easy’s is an organization consulting and software integration company created in 2002 and based in Lausanne, in Switzerland.

Easy’s offers complete services in the fields of Service Management, Project Portfolio Management and Business Process Modeling.

Our clients are medium to large companies, from industrial sectors, banks and insurance, health, international organizations or administrations.

  | Our

We maintain and value dual skill, functional and tool implementation.

  •   Information systems governance
  •   Business organization
  •   Process modeling
  •   Specifications
  •   Business analysis
  •   Project Management


  •   Ivanti Service Manager
  •   Ivanti Client Management
  •   NQI Orchestra
  •   Genius Project
  •   JIRA
  •   Integration within your information system



Our partners


Ivanti is an editor of Service Management solution.

NQI Orchestra

NQI Corp in an editor of the Orchestra project portfolio management solution.

Genius Project

Genius Project is an editor of project portfolio management solution.

"There is nothing constant except change."

Our Services

We are polyvalent and we have an overview of projects.
We cultivate expertise and capitalize on our human resources.
3 criteria to turn to us: experience, focus on results and commitment.

Portfolio and project management

Select projects according to the actual realization capacities and your criteria of business alignments. Create a collaborative environment of project teams and management within a single tool.


Service catalog

Be trans parent to clients. Measure quality of services. Define performance targets for all services. Reduce deadlines for standard applications.


Turnkey services

Turnkey services, from conception to implementation, integration, training and change management.

| Project Portfolio

Easy’s supports its clients in the definition and the software deployment of the project management methodology and processes.

  •   Provide management with tools to control project investments
  •   Optimize the business application process
  •   Use standard tools appropriate to the needs of project culture, methodology, models
  •   Reliability of project and portfolio monitoring
  •   Clarify roles and responsabilities across the project value chain

Why implement a project portfolio management solution ?

  •   The best projects are identified and followed, and most successful
  •   The projects are validated according to the capacities and objectives of the company
  •   The information is shared within a singl knowledge base
  •   The collaboration of clients and project members on a single tool il reinforced
| Service

Define and deploy the service catalog software and service management processes.

  •   Publish the calatog of services and customer objectives
  •   Automate incident flows, standard requests (new collaborators, access requests, for example), changes and releases, and other ITIL processes as required
  •   Measure and control the operation costs of services
  •   Deploy a unified portal for all employees
  •   Optimize the functioning of teams
  •   Standardize management and measure quality of service

Why implement a service management solution ?

  •   The service center's activities are transparent to its clients
  •   Performance targets are defined for all services
  •   The quality of service os formally measured
  •   THe risks associated with IS evolutions are better controlled
  •   Internal and external audits are simplified
  •   Resolution times improve
| Turnkey

From conception to realization, complete services that allow us to support you from the strategic phases to the implementation of IT and the buy-in from the users.

We define with our clients the organization and the process that will optimize their quality of service and the profitability of their projects.

As an integrator of management IT applications, Easy's implements specialized service management protals and software, and Project Portfolio Management.

As an organizational and process specialist, Easy's supports you in the modification of working methods, change management and training.


Easy's wins an award

  • June 2017

Easy's wins the Ivanti Professional Services award at Interchange Paris as a reference specialist for the Ivanti Service Manager solution (Heat) in Europe.

Ivanti One Partnership

  • August 2017

Easy's is now Ivanti One Partner.

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Nos bureaux à Lausanne

Rue du Petit-Chêne 38, 1003 Lausanne, Suisse

(+41) 021 311 04 11